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Environmental Responsibilities

Environmentally responsible recycling

For many years now our actions in producing greenhouse gases has directly resulted in what we now know as climate change. We all have a duty to protect the environment and unless we drastically reduce these emissions, it will have impact on our planet and economy.

At Southern Waste Ltd we aim to reduce the regions waste to landfill and to recycle more waste from businesses with sound and efficient services benefiting the environment.

The reuse and reduce policy in everyday business activities such as receiving paperless billing by email or only printing out necessary documents are some ongoing steps that can on a long term basis save you money and reduce your waste output.

An increasing number of customers and organizations take into account the level of recycling and waste activity from companies and this may alter their decision whether or not to proceed with business contracts.

Southern Waste Ltd can provide suitable recycling and waste solutions for large, medium and small businesses across Dorset and Hampshire with clear transparent pricing, excellent customer care, efficient collections and contributing to protecting our environment.